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Monday, 26 December 2016

7 Reasons Why You Must Start An Online Business In 2017

There have never been better times for a Nigerian to start an online business like now, especially when the online business is the type that will pay you over N500,000 monthly. Online business like Bulk SMS is one of the most profitable online businesses  today
From my personal research, the major reason why most Nigerians are not trooping intobulk sms business is because Nigerians are still in a tender stage of fully understanding online business. At this tender stage, people who want to make money online focus on programs that are built on shaky foundations. Such programs include hyip, ponzy schemes, online surveys etc. although this programs provide an elusive earnings potential that can lure newbies into joining them but my task to this newbies is that they should go and check what the big internet guns that are reputable for making millions online what exactly are they doing.

Below are the reasons Why You Should Start A Profitable Online Business(Bulk SMS) In 2017

1. More freedom

starting an online business gives you more freedom. It will give you more free time to spend with your Family and Friends. This is what most busy people crave for. If you are one of them, then consider very seriously about starting your own online business. Keep in mind that it will be beneficial to automate your business to the best you can so even if you are not spending time online, it will keep making you money.

2. Work your own hours

When you start your own online business, you create your own working hours. Some people like to work late at night (including myself) and others prefer to work early in the morning. You have the freedom to choose the hours that in your opinion make you feel more comfortable and the same time more productive. Remember you are the boss .

3. No overhead expenses

With an online business you do not have to worry about any operational expenses like leasing a building, paying utilities, paying employees, etc. To run an online business you only need a computer, a good connection to the internet, a willing to learn mindset and tangible sources to learn from. Things are changing fast now that so many online businesses can be carried out using our mobile phones.

4. Easy to start

You don't have to be a genius to start your own online business and you don't need any well guarded secrets to make easy money online. It's all about know-how. You can get a good eBook or a good program at next to no cost that can teach you about online business and how to apply the different strategies to promote your website and have a successful online business. You can start making money on the internet as soon as you are willing to put some effort on your part.

5. The whole world is your market

You will be able to make real money online because you can do business anywhere in the world and it doesn't matter where you live. You can live in Ajegunle and do legitimate business with people in U.k or with people in Canada. It makes no difference. With an online business the opportunities are endless because the internet is a global Village.

6. Affordable

Unlike a regular offline business like a Provision store, a restaurant, Transportation business, health or any type of these businesses, starting an online business requires very little start up capital. As a matter of fact, you can start with less than N5000 or nothing. This amount is to cover the basic needs like the domain name, web hosting, autoresponder, etc this is when necessary. Some of the most successful online marketers today started their online business on a shoestring.

7. A 24 hours business

Your business will be running 24 hours a day 7 days a week with nobody complaining about it. You see, after you automate your online business the best you can and that should be one of your main goals, then you don't need to spend more than a few hours on your computer but the internet will be working for you and making you profits 24 / 7. Nothing beats making money on the internet 24 hours a day working just a few hours a week.

Conclussion: Procrastinating if you should start your Online business? Remember the words of Napoleon hills In His Think And Grow Rich, he said "the best time to start is now either you are ready or not because if you are waiting for the right time you will end up never starting.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Get Updated Nigerian Mobile Phone Numbers

Advertising is a vital part of any business, it is practically the reason why companies like Google, Jumia, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Techno mobile, MTN Nigeria, GloMobile, Etisalat, Airtel, Nairabet and many others are succeeding and it is also partly the reason why some are no longer in business and basically the reason some are in business but not making reasonable profits.

When GSM was introduced to Nigeria in 2003, many people thought it will be one of those Government projects that will not stand the test of time but today, Nigeria has over 113 ACTIVE GSM lines (According to NCC).
With this trend, advertising has taken a new dimension; with mobile messaging technology using bulk SMS websites like www.smsbulknigeria.com smart people are already harnessing the power of bulk SMS to increase their customer base. Every day, I receive between 2-4 SMS from MTN and Glo to either use the latest music as caller tune or subscribe to a data plan and most times, I respond to these SMS.
Whether you have a product to sell, services you want to market or you have an announcement to make such Political campaign, Crusade etc, we have answers to the most effective means of reaching millions of Nigerians all at once. With us, you can reach 80% of the Nigerian population instantly.

Bitter Facts About Advertising in Nigeria:

Many Nigerians spend between N50,000 – N1,000,000 advertising in newspapers, Radio and Television stations daily with the sole aim of reaching out to Hundreds, Thousands or perhaps Millions of people but most times this becomes counter-productive because irrespective of the huge amount spent on these advertising channels, only a few people gets converted. You will agree with me that except there is a breaking news of national interest, hardly will you find 200,000 Nigerians reading a newspaper a day out of more than the 150 million Nigerian populace, isn't that shocking?
Most appalling is that only a few people maybe "retirees" cares to read the newspaper page by page without skipping to their area of interest may be Sports, Entertainment etc. Election bells are ringing everywhere in Nigeria and campaigns for the 2015 General Elections has commenced in full force on social media, Print and everywhere; a clear indication that Politicians are NOT 'DULLING' at all in ensuring their victory. While some are still begging to be recognized, some have gone far beyond recognition. The difference is in packaging using only the right channels.

But Why Bulk SMS?

Why not radio, TV or newspaper? You may not know have been told this but, current statistics shows that; only about 9% of Nigerians actually watch TV daily, about 19% listen to radio daily, just about 4% read newspapers daily, Less than 2% actively use the internet daily BUT about 50% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily; with this statistics, it becomes clearer that the best way to reach an average Nigerian is via SMS text messaging.
We have about 21 million fresh (VERIFIED) Nigerian phone numbers of all states in Nigeria including FCT Abuja so you can be rest assured whatever message you are passing through will be received all over the country instantly.
UPDATE: We have updated our Phone number database with the last INEC 2015 General election data. What this means is that you can now have access to over 80% of phone numbers of Nigerians that voted in the last general election.
T & C Applies


Buy our entire national (About 21 Million validly verified phone numbers categorized by First and Last Name, Location and different Local Govts in Nigeria) as shown below for Just N20,000 (This national database normally cost N250,000).
Updated & Fresh Nigerian mobile phone number for bulk sms
This is a limited time promo and we will return to the normal price at anytime! Limited Copies available!

Maybe you don't need the whole database, you need just for a particular State or Local Government in Nigeria. We will give you that too, just contact us via email or call our customer care lines: 08051620911, 08066182710.
To reserve a copy, just text “reserve my database copy”, your name, GSM, and email to 08066182710  NOW!!!

How to Activate Your ATM Card for Online Payments

If you are a Nigerian and possibly the type that plays around shopping websites here in Nigeria, no doubt you may have heard of such terms as Safetoken, OTP, Quickteller, Interswitch etc. Have you ever tried to use your card online and you were asked to enter OTP or that you cannot continue because you have not activated your card for Safetoken?

What is Safetoken?

safetoken activation
It is a system that generates a 6-8 digit code known as OTP(One-Time-Password) whenever you initiate a transaction via any Interswitch Web Payment Platform. It is important for you to know that your bank can set a limit on your card as to the maximum amount you can pay with your card online. In most cases, the amount can be very ridiculous but if you ask me, I think it is a fraud control mechanism aimed at safeguarding your funds.

So what happens if I need to pay a higher amount?

To use your card successfully, you have to activate it for this service. Safetoken activation does not require much technically. All you have to do is visit your bank and request for your card to be activated. Alternatively, you can do a self-activation using any Nigerian bank Interswitch enabled ATM. (I personally recommend this method as it you will be able to know if activation is successful or not just in few minutes)


Self Activation using the ATM machine.

1)  Visit any nearest ATM
2)  Insert your card
3)  Type in your PIN
4)  Select Quickteller or Pay Bills (depending on the configuration of the ATM)
5)  Select “Pay bills” (If you selected Quickteller in step 4 above)
6)  Select “Others”
7)  Enter 322222 when asked for payment/biller code
8)  Choose your account type (Savings/Current)
9)  Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’
10) Re-enter your phone number when asked to enter phone number.
11) You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1
12) Click on “Pay amount due
13) Press proceed when prompted for a N100 convenience fee charge

"Transaction Completed" will be displayed on the ATM screen successful else some other messages like "Not Completed" "Transaction Failed" etc will be displayed.

Hope this helps?

If you need help with any of the steps above, do not hesitate to call us on 08066182710

  • Please note that you will be charged a total sum of N101.00 only with N100 being the convenience fee.
  •  When successfully activated, you may be prompted to send a code to 32122 to generate the OTP which would be sent to your phone via text whenever you are about to make payments on local websites.
  • The OTP is authorized by the Strong Authentication Server residing at the switch or at the issuing bank.
  • Activation is only on Interswitch enabled cards such as Verve Card & Mastercard

Saturday, 3 December 2016

How to Make 500,000 Naira Monthly from Bulk SMS Business

If you really want to make 500k monthly online, then this post is for you. I am going to reveal a secret of how you can earn more than 500,000 naira monthly just by working online doing bulk SMS business.

Presently there are over a thousand ways you could earn some legal cash online working from home or wherever you choose to, but bulk SMS is one of the surest and fastest way you can achieve that your dream of making more than 500,000 naira monthly.

Unlike some years back when schools, churches, banks, offices and various business organizations used to send out newsletters to their customers or parents to remind them of an event or meeting, nowadays they all use SMS for things like that, and they usually send the SMS in bulk to a large number of people. Obviously you can now see where I am driving at. Imagine you own a bulk SMS service and banks, schools, churches, offices and various organizations contact you for bulk SMS transactions, and you get a lot of money from such deals.

Take for instance how you can make 500,000 naira in a month.
Say you have 65 customers that send an average of 5000 SMS per month that is a total of 325,000 SMS.
If the cost price per SMS is 90 kobo, which mean you are buying 325,000 SMS for 292,500 naira.
Assuming your average selling price for both online and offline customers stand at 2.50 naira per SMS, your total sales of the 325,000 SMS will be 812,500 naira.
Taking your cost from your sales, you will now arrive at 520,000 naira as your profit. People are doing more than three time of this figure monthly from the business and you too can.

The bulk SMS business is really booming in Nigeria. People no longer send emails to their subscribers. All they do is send bulk SMS which is guaranteed to be seen immediately unlike emails. Banks especially use this bulk SMS service. You must have seen a customized text from your bank with their name. That’s bulk SMS at work!

Cool. You’ve read the post and want to get started all you need do is visit this page for a reseller package.

To make money from this business, you must first know how it works. It is very simple to send bulk SMS.
Once you know how it works, you must then be able to come up with a list of your target customers which may include:
** Churches
** Companies
** Schools (especially, private schools)
** Supermarkets
** Hospitals
** Clubs
** University Departments
** Computer training schools
** Banks Etc.
You can find many of these customers in your immediate environment and that is why you should not let this business pass you by this year.
Once you know your target customers, then you should come up with a proposal letter in which you will let your target customers understand why they should use bulk SMS. This proposal letter must be compelling enough so that anybody who reads it will find it irresistible to write a cheque for you immediately. You can use Microsoft Word to type your proposal letter and if you want to make it more professional, you can use letter headed paper.


1.Have a bulk SMS service system running. Visit this page to get one within 24 hours.
2. Make a list of your target customers (i.e. churches, businesses, schools, supermarkets, banks etc.)
3.Set up a meeting with your target customer and use "word of the mouth" to explain your concept.
4.You can also issue a contact form in which your target customer can use in collecting phone numbers (Optional).
5.Negotiate your price for the service.
6.Get your money, phone numbers, the message to be sent and the SENDER ID to be used, from the target customer.
7.Get the SMS sent and keep your profits. Don't forget to send a copy of the SMS to your client.
8.Reuse the profits to get more money and get more deals with more companies, churches etc.
9. Advertise online to get more clients.
10. Try and retain your customers because one customer can patronize your business for years if your service is good.

Cheapest Bulk SMS: A Cost-Effective Tool for Business Marketing

In Nigeria, just like in the case of other countries, marketing plays an important role in business operations. It is undeniable that such will help to get the word out and hence, will be vital in being able to captivate the attention of the target market. Through the years, several methods have been introduced for marketing strategies, each with a varying level of effectiveness. Among others, one that can prove to be best would be cheapest bulk SMS. In a time wherein smartphones are being indispensable in our daily lives, SMS marketing becomes more vital for businesses.

When to Use SMS Marketing
There are many instances wherein a business can use cheapest bulk SMS for its marketing strategies. For instance, if there is a shop that is opening anytime soon, sending out text messages can help in order to attract people. More so, when a business is going to introduce new products and services, such as those that are seasonal, cheapest bulk SMS services can also prove to be helpful. If there are on-going promotions, such as an upcoming sale, SMS marketing will also be instrumental towards being able to disseminate information.

How It Can Benefit the Business
Amongst the wide array of benefits that can be possibly reaped from cheapest bulk SMS, the most significant is pretty much obvious – cost-effectiveness. There is no need to spend a fortune in traditional mediums of marketing. Especially if you have a small business, text messaging can be an excellent choice for marketing. Most companies providing cheapest bulk SMS will have flexible packages that can be perfect for your marketing goals and budget.
Speed is another factor that makes cheapest bulk SMS popular. In a few minutes, you can send out information to hundreds and even thousands of customers. There is no need to invest too much time before you can finally send out promotions.
The high open rate of SMS is also a benefit that is worth noting, specifically as against email marketing. When a person receives a text message, chances are, it will be immediately opened, regardless of who the sender this. This is unlike in the case of emails wherein most people would not open emails from unknown senders because of the fear that such can lead into virus infiltration.
Given these benefits, there is no doubt why many businesses are already using the cheapest bulk SMS services. Nonetheless, to be confident that these benefits can be reaped, it is paramount to work only with the right company. With such, SMS Mobile 24 is one of the best options that can be considered. The latter is known for their affordable, reliable, and quick SMS distribution services.

Why Use SMS Bulk Nigeria

When it comes to sending out messages to a large number of people in Nigeria, you can use a SMS  bulk Nigeria package. Whether you are sending religious, political, marketing or any other type of messages you can rely a variety of options, however choosing bulk SMS Nigeria offers some essential benefits that make it a great option for the sender. Our bulk SMS packages are designed to provide you with the best fit as per your needs. To help you appreciate the need for using this service, we have compiled some of the important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria.

One of the most important benefits of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the fact that the service is cheap. Sending messages to a large number of people is more affordable as compared to other modes of communication. This affordability is especially important for small businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts on a budget. The cost of the bulk SMS Nigeria service is usually determined by the number of SMSs you want to send as well as your membership level. However, it is important to note that no matter the package chosen the cost incurred is relatively affordable.

Fast Communication
Another important benefit of using bulk SMS Nigeria is the speed of transmission. No matter the number of SMS messages you are looking to send out, the transmission is always in a few seconds. As soon as you are finished entering the message and the list of recipients you can be sure that the messages will be transmitted in seconds. This makes bulk SMS Nigeria one of the best tools of sending out last minute information and notifications to the recipients.

Bulk SMS Nigeria users have a great chance of engaging the recipients and getting feedback from them if need be. Users can include a reply code or phone number to ensure that recipients can be able to share their feedback. This is especially important for businesses looking to engage their customers and create a better customer relationship.

No Filter
When using bulk SMS Nigeria, it is highly likely that the delivered message will be read by the recipient. There is no way to filter SMS messages as is the case with email communications for instance. This means that senders can be able to send messages with the confidence that most will reach their intended destination.
Our bulk SMS Nigeria service is designed to help you send a huge number of SMS messages to your targeted recipients at the most affordable cost. The above benefits highlight why this service is great for a variety of communications and applications as per your needs.

The Common Users of Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Companies and organizations have realized that with a mobile phone database of stakeholders, customers or clients, they can embark on effective direct marketing using the platform of Bulk SMS in Nigeria. This is one cost-effective way of accomplishing a targeted promotional effort across the country for your organization or enterprise.
Let us look at the organizations that commonly use Bulk SMS in Nigeria;

Companies use Bulk SMS in Nigeria to reach their customers or client with details of new products launch, services disruption or other updates. There are other range of activities that they use this for like, recruitment process awareness notification, business promotion, and seasonal discounts.
They also use the platform to send out notification for availability of periodic reports to suppliers and customers. The timely delivery on this platform makes it attractive to most companies.

Financial Institutions
All financial Institutions use Bulk SMS in Nigeria for a variety of purposes. When customers open new bank accounts, they fill in their phone numbers in their account opening forms they submit at the service providers. When verification of details is completed, SMS notifications go to such customers to alert them of the activation of their accounts.
Other services that are delivered through SMS by Financial Institutions include notification of transactions like deposits, withdrawals, charges or standing orders. When strange transactions take place like use of Prepaid or Credit cards at new locations, notifications are also sent out.
The banking population in Nigeria has been ascertained to be about 25 million as at August 2015, and with this number growing, more use will be found for Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

Political Campaigns
Political campaigns are very vibrant across the country with several positions up for contest at different times of the year. The political parties and their allies deploy Bulk SMS in Nigeria to send messages to their constituents across the country to canvass for votes.
You find that in campaign seasons, one recipient can get up to five messages in day and in a country where the mobile phone user tally is already about 100million, this is a huge market to explore.

Government Organizations and the use of Bulk SMS in Nigeria
Service rendering government departments like utility companies and immigration services process transactions for millions for Nigerians daily, weekly or monthly. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one medium they use to convey approval, discrepancy or update notifications to the citizenry.
Many people apply for new facilities, change their residence or renew existing contracts with these organizations. The tally of work done through Bulk SMS in Nigeria is expansive for many public sector organizations that incorporating them into article might be an unrealistic take for a single publication.

How to Find the Right Bulk SMS Service

As a business, it is important to ensure that you can be able to reach your target customers when carrying out marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS service providers enable you to do just that while keeping costs as low as possible. Just as the service is named, bulk SMS services involve sending out a huge collection of messages to a huge number of recipients with added convenience. This service is also cheaper as compared to sending out single SMS messages to one recipient at a time.
Below we will take a look at some of the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best bulk SMS service from the available variety.

As a small business, it is essential that you stay on top of all costs. The cost of sending out bulk SMS communication to existing and potential clients is usually lower than the cost of using regular SMS messages. However, it is important to note that different bulk SMS service providers usually charge varying rates for different packages. Make sure that you carefully go through the available packages offered by different service providers so as to choose the best provider as per your needs and the cost of the service.

Network Coverage
Different clients usually use the services of different mobile telephone network providers. To ensure that your bulk SMS messages have been delivered to all recipients, it is vital that you use a bulk SMS service that works across all networks where the recipients are located. This also ensures that you do not have to seek the services of different service providers to fulfil your marketing objective.

User-Friendly Platform
It is important to note that once you have chosen a bulk SMS service provider, you will want to use it flawlessly and conveniently. The best bulk SMS service platform allows users to import all their contacts effortlessly on to the database. Additionally, the platform should allow users to preview messages before they are sent to ensure that there are no errors whatsoever.

Other Features
Other features to look for when comparing bulk SMS service providers include message responses. It is vital that all sent messages be delivered, and their responses are visible. As such, it is recommended that you choose a provider whose platform communicates the delivery status of each message as well as the responses from clients in a clear format. This enables you to conveniently communicate any responses as well as keep up with the delivery status of each message.
Keeping the above considerations in mind will help you find the best bulk SMS service provider suited to your specific needs. This will allow you to enjoy effective and reliable SMS communication at all times.

Friday, 2 December 2016


1. Messages may not deliver if it is found to contain spam words such as:
Promotions, Promo, Promotion, Million, Lottery, Pounds, Dollars, Euros, Euro, Money, Won, You have won, You won, Win now, Winning number, Win, Winner, Winning, Survey, Surveys, Scratch and win, Million dollars, your mobile has been selected, Your number has been selected, you have won, congrats, congratulation(s), call

2. Messages will not deliver to numbers with Do Not Disturb (DND). MTN is mostly affected.
MTN users send ALLOW to 2442 to opt out of DND,
GLO users send OPTOUT to 2442 to opt out of DND
AIRTEL users send SMS OUT to 2442 to opt out
ETISALAT users send a START to 2442 to opt out.
Remove your SIM card after sending the code and insert it back. You may wait for 24 hours.


Dear Customers,

Please be informed that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed all Telecommunications Company (MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat, etc.) to allow existing subscribers to opt-in to receive SMS on Telemarketing, including but not limited to Value Added Services, e.g. flight schedule, weather forecast etc. in conformity with Part 111, section 20 (2) of CCPR, while consent of new subscribers will be sought to opt-in at the beginning of the contract.

MTN NG has in response, implemented a Full Blocking mode for Do-Not-Disturb on some numbers without the consent of the subscribers on their network.

The implication of this is that, all bulk SMS that is sent to phone numbers that have been placed on Do-Not-Disturb by MTN NG will be rejected and you will still be charged, because the networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status.

This is a general directive affecting unsolicited messages (Bulk SMS) only, phone to phone messages and bank alerts are not affected, and it has been in force since the 1st of July, 2016. 

We therefore advise all stakeholders to inform their recipients whose numbers are on the DND list (as indicated by the rejected SMS shown in the delivery report) to contact their respective networks to have them removed from the DND list before their numbers can be allowed to receive Bulk SMS on them.

For more information about this and any other related issue, kindly contact our support department on 08066182710 and we’ll have all your questions answered.